Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessment Services in Toronto

Grade Ten to Grade Twelve:
Age Sixteen to Eighteen

Assistance with:

Diagnostic Services

Identification of a learning disability:

A learning disability is indicated by a weakness in academic skill(s) which is related to deficits in information processing.

Identification of academically gifted students:

Report provides the information required by school boards for admission into programs for academically gifted students. The assessment, including provision of test scores and report, is usually completed in one appointment.

Identification for IPRC at Public Schools:

If applicable, the psycho-educational assessment report includes a diagnostic statement. Such a statement is required by school - boards' IPRC committees for the delivery of specialized educational programs.

Assessment of symptoms of AD/HD:

Psycho-educational test results, parents' observations, teachers' observations and the student's behavior during the assessment contribute to a determination as to whether AD/HD is likely to be present and whether the student should be further evaluated by his or her physician.

Assessment Measures



Note: Sixteen year olds can complete either the WISC-V or the WAIS-IV; as of age seventeen, only the WAIS-IV can be completed. The WAIS-IV is required for applications for accommodations in university/college.



Note: Sixteen year olds can complete either the CMS or the WMS-IV; as of age seventeen, only the WMS-IV can be completed. The WMS-IV is required for applications for accommodations in university/college.



Academic Skills:


Parents' Observations:

History form; Achenbach, Conners and CEFI questionnaires

Teachers' Observations:

(if requested by parents)
Achenbach, Conners and CEFI questionnaires

Student's Self-Report Forms:

Achenbach, Conners, CEFI and other questionnaires
depending on age and referral questions

Assessment Process

Most psycho-educational assessments include:


Please, note that consent from both parents is required prior to beginning an assessment if the parents are separated or divorced.

Confidentiality of Report:

Reports are given to parents and adult students, who determine their distribution, e.g. to physician, school.


To schedule an appointment or to request more information about Dr. Saunders and Psych-Ed Assessment Services, please email Mrs. Macrina Boddy, Assessment Coordinator, or call her:

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