University/College Students:
Seventeen Years of Age and Older

Assistance with:

  • Identification of learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of reading, writing and mathematical skills
  • Improving study habits
  • Improving exam preparation skills
  • Applications for accommodations in university/college
  • Applications for accommodations for SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT
  • Applications for accommodations for licensing exams
  • Appeals of suspensions for poor academic results

Assessment Measures





Academic Skills:

WIAT-III, WJ-IV, Nelson-Denny Reading Tests

Parents' Observations:

History Form; Achenbach, Conners and CEFI questionnaires

Student's Questionnaires:

Achenbach, Conners, CEFI and other questionnaires depending on age and referral questions

Assessment Process

  • About six hours of testing time
  • Intake interview with student and, if available, parents
  • Written report is finalized during feedback interview, which enables the student to take an active role in formulating plans for interventions and/or accommodations
  • Testing is usually completed in two appointments; alternative arrangements are possible
  • Assessment, including feedback interview and written report, is usually completed within two weeks

Confidentiality of Report:

Reports are given to students and with permission, to parents.